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Homeschooling with the public school is known as being a "districly enrolled homeschooler"

Parents have the option to register their children with the state as homeschoolers instead of with Family Tree. The district you register with will require information and an annual evaluation.  Depending upon the circumstances, they can require you to provide other items, such as a portfolio of work and come in and inspect your home.

Family Tree Ministries can generate a homeschool transcript and a homeschool diploma for students registered with their local school district as homeschoolers. The transcripts are your official representation of your child's studies while registered with the district and is for informational purposes only, adding professionalism to your records. 

A transcript is important for other schools or colleges so they know what classes have been accomplished by your student. They need to also have a summary of  how many community service hours were accomplished, if a foreign language was studied, what testing was completed and what extra curricular and honors level work was accomplished.

Click on the right to see a sample of the transcript and diploma we can prepare for your "districtly enrolled homeschooler".  Feel free to do them yourselves using our format, we only ask for a small donation to the ministry.



We can complete your transcript for you for $60 per year of information.  We add the Corporate Seal of Family Tree Private School as Consultant. This transcript" is your affirmation of studies and is for informational purposes only, adding professionalism to your records. 

Sample Homeschool Transcript
Sample Homeschool Diploma

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